Sunday, April 26, 2009

Journal Entry - Wed 3/18/09

I reflect back to Veteran’s Day in November, 2008. Our community held a 3K to honor our veterans. I decided that I would participate in this event too. This time, the weather was very cold and damp. I believe it was in the forties and it was very windy. I had not ever run more than one mile so running a 3K was a stretch. It wasn’t quite two miles, but it was more than what I was used to jogging. I started out fairly strong. I probably ran about halfway before I really started struggling. It was hard to breathe in such cold weather. I also wasn’t sure how to judge how far I had run or how far I had to go. I was used to looking down at the mileage on the treadmill. I was always able to tell how far I had gone at any given moment. At some point, I was really considering walking to the finish line. I debated for a couple of minutes and then I found someone passing me. As the runner passed, I noticed that he was running with an artificial leg and he was wearing a shirt that indicated he was a veteran. I guess you know what happened next! I saw that man run by and realized that he had served on my behalf, lost his leg, and was still out here in this cold weather running in this 3K. Needless to say, I knew I couldn’t quit running if he had not quit giving for Americans like me. I managed to finish the event and had a faster time than most the people in my age group. The day after the Veteran’s Run, I found myself with some pretty sore shins and thighs. It probably took me about a week before I could comfortably walk down the stairs. Like I said earlier....I really do hate running!

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