Sunday, April 26, 2009

Journal Entry - Fri. 8/29/08

As I run today, I start to pay attention to the many people running on the other treadmills in the room. Hmm...wonder what they are thinking about right now? Are they watching the televisions strategically placed on the walls? Are they singing along with the music playing on their headphones? Are they praying? Planning? Worrying? I wonder if anyone even realizes what they are thinking about right when they run. Until a couple of days ago, I honestly couldn’t tell you what went through my mind while running besides thoughts such as “I am so hot” or “I need some water” or “I should just stop now”. “I can’t breathe.” “I hate running.” “Why is it so hard to get in shape?” Does everyone hate running or is it just me? My husband loves to run but I can’t understand why. Perhaps this understanding will come to me later.

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