Sunday, April 26, 2009

Journal Entry - Tues 9/2/08

I’ve been thinking about those that stand in the gap for me lately. I always think about the military. I will be honest and tell you that I used to think most about the Marines. Since my son joined that branch, I am naturally drawn to any words that remotely resemble Marines or Semper Fi. As I begin to look past me, myself, and I, it becomes apparent that there are soldiers, airmen, and sailors. If I look even farther outside of my own little world, I start to realize that there are people right here in my hometown that are standing in the gap for me 24/7. My house may never catch on fire, but if it does, there is someone waiting and ready to answer my call for help. That person is ready to answer the call for any of us at any given moment. Most of us don’t need their help, but everyday someone calls our firefighters. I may never be in an accident or become the victim of a crime, but if I do find myself in those circumstances, there is someone already prepared to come to my aid. Even now as I sit safely in my home, there are people working in local law enforcement to make sure that I am safe. Everyday our police officers say goodbye to their families and step out of their homes to protect me and you. Not only are they willing to protect us in the most dangerous circumstances, but they are also ready to humble themselves to direct traffic. I imagine that if you asked most police officers if they joined the force so they could direct traffic, they would quickly say no.....but they often find themselves doing jobs such as that to protect us from ourselves. How many of us consider the other guy when the traffic gets backed up? Something as simple as our lack of patience can become a danger. Our law enforcement officials are there to keep things safe so we can go about our lives normally. So today I am picturing myself as the mother of a police officer or firefighter rather than that of a Marine. The idea of my son going out every single day with the real possibility of facing a dangerous situation is causing me to feel a shortness of breath. It is one thing to worry for a few months during a deployment. It is quite another to live with that fear every single day. Suddenly my mind fills with numerous scenarios....I watch enough TV to have plenty of great ideas....and I wonder how anyone lets their spouse, child, or parent out the door to face the eminent danger lurking around the corner. It occurs to me that it isn’t just the members of the Armed Forces that make serve on my behalf, but it is also those who work as fire fighters and in law enforcement. I have a lot of people to which I am grateful and I figure I will never meet most of them in this lifetime.

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