Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thank You

I wanted to write and thank you for this blog.

I am Joan, mom to LCpl Garrett, 3/8 Battalion, Weapons Co., CAAT Platoon, currently deployed to Afghanistan. I have been following Kenny Bowen's progress as much as possible. I was looking for an update today and found your blog during my search.

Our son called us the Monday after the IED explosion that injured Kenny and Kevin, and killed Julian. Garrett called home when he could to let us know what happened and to ask us to pray for the men and their families. We have been praying ever since.

Please tell the Bowens as a group, and Kenny in particular, that we remember him and are still praying for him. We also pray for Kevin Preach's family, and Julian Brennan's. Both died during or following that IED explosion and our hearts are heavy for their loss. I keep their names in a notebook in my purse and pray for them regularly. We will not forget them, nor their ultimate sacrifice on our behalf.

Please tell your son, also that we thank him for his service from the bottom of our hearts. Ours is also a military family, with several generations of service members from five branches. One uncle lies at Normandy; he was in the 101st Airborne, a Screaming Eagle of the 501st Parachute Regiment, kia 6/8/1944. There are no words to express the honor and appreciation we have for brave heroes like these men and women. Also, like you, 3/8 is very near and dear to my heart. Garrett has a year left with 3/8, so we're still on that rollercoaster. :-)

I will definitely share this blog link with other friends and 3/8 family. Thank you, and blessings,

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