Saturday, May 9, 2009

Form a STEPS to HONOR Walking or Running Group in your community!

One of our group members at Military Missions had a great idea. Allyson suggested forming groups to walk or run together for STEPS to HONOR. There are a lot of us that prefer exercising with a friend or a group. It keeps us accountable and it's a lot of fun.

We've decided to form a group here in Lexington. We will meet together (details TBA) and walk or run together once a week. We are all going to purchase STEPS to HONOR t-shirts and wear them while we are walking. All participants will be walking to honor the heroes of their choice.

Imagine how many people will start to ask questions when they see your group walking by and everyone is wearing a STEPS to HONOR t-shirt! Your group is sure to catch the attention of people in your community and you can get even more people involved in this awareness program.

Here in Lexington, just like most communities, we have a lot of walks and runs scheduled throughout the summer months. Why not train together for one of the events and then participate as a group (wearing your STEPS to HONOR t-shirts of course!).

Do you have any good suggestions to help us get the word out about STEPS to HONOR? If so, please contact us at We'd love to share them with everyone so we can get people all the way across the country involved.

By the way, our t-shirts arrived yesterday. If you want to purchase one and get things started in your town, go to

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