Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Honoring all those at Boot Camp

Today I thought I’d dedicate my four miles to all those that are currently at Boot Camp. Most of us would never have the courage to even consider going to Boot Camp. We’ve all heard the rumors. We know it is difficult and we know there is a lot of yelling. Most of us don’t need to know anything else. Each branch likes to think that they have the toughest boot camp. Personally, I think any of them would be too much for me. I can tell you a little something about being the parent of one that goes to Marine Corps Boot Camp. It is THE longest 13 weeks of one’s life. There is absolutely no contact between your Marine recruit and the outside world unless he can find a way to write a letter. There are no phone calls home and the best way to know what your recruit is doing is to get online and check the website calendars. I know the lack of contact is for the recruit’s benefit, but I can tell you that there is some sort of training going on at home too. You are forced to learn to trust the Corps and trust the Lord. There is no way “Mom” can call the Corps and ask about her darling recruit. I’ve heard of a few moms that have tried to do that....and I’ve heard what happens to their recruits. So boot camp is a growing experience for everyone involved. It is tough because the training may mean the difference between life and death for that recruit when he/she is ready to serve.

I have a friend that is former USMC Senior Drill Instructor from MCRD San Diego. While SSGT Michael W. Nichols was serving, a documentary was made about the reality of USMC Boot Camp. If you watch the documentary, you may find this hard to believe, but he is actually a really nice guy. He took his responsibility to train our Marines seriously. He had to be tough and he had high expectations. He had no choice. He was training men that would face danger and death and he had to make sure they were prepared to survive any situation that they might face.

I’d like to thank SSGT Nichols for his service as well as all those that have the guts to enlist and go through boot camp. I’d like to thank the Drill Instructors for their willingness to be tough and train our military to be the best fighting force in the world. To check out the documentary "Ears, Open. Eyeballs, Click", go to www.myspace.com/SDISSgtNichols.

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