Tuesday, June 2, 2009

LCpl Jonathan LeRoy

Our family is always looking for ways to stay connected, we are spread across the country from NY to KS. As a family we decided to walk 2,500 miles to honor my deployed son. LCpl Jonathan LeRoy. There are 18 of us walking ages 7-61. Last week we walked 149 miles. We walk in honor of others too. Sunday night my husband and I walked around the VA, we walked in honor of all those living there who gave of themselves for our freedom. Yesterday we walked the river front in Louisville. As we walked my husbands blackberry rang over and over giving him details of a Retired National Guard General who died over the weekend. We walked in honor of him and his family and the sacrafices they have made.

Today Is really hot, and I was thinking that I really didn't want to walk, then I got a phone call from Jon saying that it is 102 degrees there today, and he just finished running 5 miles. I will walk today in honor of Jon and all the others in his unit.

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