Saturday, June 6, 2009

How's it going with your walking group?

We want you to share what is going on with your walking group. Send us an update and a few pictures. Share your ideas and get others involved. Here in Lexington, we have a group that is planning to walk together in the Bluegrass 10k. The event is held every year on July 4th. We plan to walk together as a group wearing our STEPS to HONOR t-shirts. Each week we gather together at a different location in town and walk to prepare for the Bluegrass 10k. It's funny to watch people drive by and stare at us. I guess it looks a bit odd to have a group of people all wearing the same shirt walking on the side of the road! What's the point of all these shirts? People ask questions and then we get to share about our heroes and remind everyone that we all need to be thankful for what these men and women do for us. We'd love to hear what you are doing to honor the heroes in your community. Join our blog or send us an email! By the way, if you are out walking with your family, you need to honor a hero at the same time.

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